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Fully Automated VC PMI Trading System Now Available

For six months, developers were transitioning the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) trading system from semi-automatic to fully automatic. Now for the first time the automated VC PMI is available to a select group of traders.

The VC PMI has bested the major indexes every year since inception in 2012 (TradePerformance) In 2012, EMA2 Trade Live started a simulated model account with $50,000 in September 2012. Today it has grown to $925,707. The system has also returned 59% this year to date.

For select investors, the Academy now offers a two-week trial with complete access to its live trading room, as well as a personal invitation to the exclusive TradeStation app store, where the VC PMI automated system is available. In the Academy’s Live Trading Room you can watch our analysts and traders place trades in real time based on clear, succinct recommendations using our proprietary VC PMI.

For two weeks,veteran analyst and systems developer MontesDeOca will answer your questions, explain the VC PMI and simplify the markets for you so you can begin to learn how to make consistent, positive returns. You will learn how to use our proven VC PMI auto system in our virtual real time trading room before you invest your own money; learn in safety, invest with confidence.

Why do we show all of our trades in real time?

To ensure that you can see the system that you can use as a subscriber to grow your portfolio. Nothing is hidden. The results speak for themselves and you can see the history or watch as Patrick trades going forward. We want qualified new clients, but only if they believe in the system and are willing to invest their time and money for the long-term. We want to spend our time helping serious long-term investors, not endlessly searching for new short-term traders who make some money and then move on to some other less profitable system.

If you qualify to join the Academy, you get:

  • 27 daily signals from 8 different markets
  • Unlimited access to the LIVE trading room
  • Unlimited consultations with Patrick (normally $399 per hour)
  • You get the exact entry points, target’s, exit points every single day
  • Real-time texting and email signals when you need to act quickly
  • Daily buy and sell reports before each trading day
  • Weekly buy and sell reports before the week starts
  • Monthly reports and predictions before each month

If you should decide to join the Academy, members receive real-time, up-to-the second comments, and signals from our experienced traders about the gold, silver, Bitcoin, and other commodity markets, as well as securities and ETF markets.

To learn if you qualify for our special two-week introductory free trial, please call (805) 418-1744, email or contact HERE.

To your investing success,

Patrick MontesDeOca

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