Webinar with Terry Lynch, CEO Chilean Metals

Join us September 17, 2020 at 7 am PST on Ticker Tocker for Patrick
MontesDeOca’s interview on Trading Talk Live withTerry Lynch, CEO of
Chilean Metals and a leading critic of predatory short sellers in gold and

For years, naked short selling in the paper markets depressed the price of
gold and silver. Now the problem is spreading to small-cap stocks and
other markets. Hear Lynch discuss the implications of the practice for price
discovery, how it distorts the market and what can be done to fix it.
Lynch is a startup investor in a microcap junior mining firm, Chilean Metals.
He is bullish on mining given the helicopter money approach and advises
retail investors to adopt a basket approach to the metals markets since
such stocks can be volatile, although great opportunities exist in the metals
markets today. He is also a startup investor, co-founder and significant
shareholder in the promising Biotech Cardiol Therapeutics.

Join us September 17 at 7 am PST for an informative webinar with Terry
Lynch and learn more about naked short selling and its implications for
your portfolio–and the opportunities now in the metals markets.